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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

GATE Recruiter



We, Global Advanced training and Educational Trust (IST & AEVT) are coming to you with some new Opportunity "GATE Recruiter" Job portal. At GATE Recruiter portal, We will consider only Direct Hire, where a company who intends to hire a candidate offers them the job directly.

We are inviting you to join at GATE Recruiter as a Job seeker and If you have established your company, Join as an Employer.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

ev courses

EV Courses offered by EV Academy

  1. lithium ion battery training in india
  2. utility scale battery energy storage training
  3. lithium ion battery safety course
  4. battery technology courses
  5. lithium ion battery manufacturing training
  6. training on lithium ion battery pack manufacturing line
  7. battery pack assembly machine
  8. ev technology battery technology training
  9. electric vehicle training program
  10. training program electric vehicle
  11. program electric vehicle training
  12. battery technology safety assembly
  13. electric vehicle training programs
  14. india electric vehicle course
  15. lithium battery technology
  16. electric vehicle powertrain design
  17. electric vehicle courses in chennai
  18. electric vehicle course in kerala
  19. ev course online
  20. ev battery courses online
  21. lithium ion battery manufacturing course
  22. battery management system course
  23. battery engineer certification
  24. ev battery courses
  25. ev courses kolkata
  26. ev courses mumbai
  27. ev courses pune
  28. ev courses bangalore
  29. ev courses chennai
  30. electric vehicle course
  31. electric vehicle courses
  32. electric vehicle battery courses
  33. electric vehicle courses kolkata
  34. electric vehicle courses mumbai
  35. electric vehicle courses pune
  36. electric vehicle courses bangalore
  37. electric vehicle courses chennai
  38. electric vehicle engineering certification
  39. electric vehicle fundamental course
  40. ev battery pack
  41. custom ev battery pack
  42. ev battery pack design
  43. ev battery pack design guide
  44. mechanical design and packaging of battery packs for electric vehicles
  45. battery calculations for electric vehicle
  46. how to select battery for electric vehicle
  47. battery pack design software
  48. lithium ion battery manufacturing training in india
  49. battery management training
  50. introduction to lithium ion battery management
  51. battery pack assembly process
  52. battery pack assembly equipment
  53. li ion battery pack assembly line
  54. battery assembly process
  55. battery module assembly
  56. lithium ion battery pack assembly
  57. lithium ion battery assembly plant
  58. battery pack assembly line
  59. lithium ion battery pack assembly process
  60. li ion battery assembling machine
  61. electric vehicle battery pack assembly
  62. lithium ion battery manufacturing process
  63. battery manufacturing plant project report
  64. lithium ion battery manufacturing plant project report
  65. battery management system course in bangalore
  66. bms algorithm course
  67. battery management system free online course
  68. battery management system online course
  69. lithium ion battery online course
  70. battery technology courses online
  71. battery management system course in india
  72. battery training courses in chennai
  73. energy storage training course
  74. battery technology courses in chennai
  75. lithium ion battery training
  76. electric vehicles courses in india
  77. electric vehicle course in india
  78. electric vehicle training courses india
  79. electric vehicle technology course in india
  80. electric vehicle technology certificate programs in india
  81. battery technology training courses in india
  82. electric vehicle courses in bangalore
  83. electric vehicle course in pune
  84. electric vehicles training in india
  85. electric vehicle course in delhi
  86. electric vehicle training courses in chennai
  87. ev technology courses
  88. battery design course
  89. electric vehicle training courses bangalore
  90. hybrid electric vehicle training institute
  91. short term course on electric vehicle
  92. battery engineer education
  93. electric vehicle training courses in mumbai
  94. online course on fundamentals of electric vehicle
  95. electric vehicle engineering certification course
  96. electric vehicles technology training courses
  97. electric vehicle online course
  98. electric vehicle course in hyderabad
  99. electric vehicle course in navi mumbai
  100. ev course at madurai

Friday, 5 March 2021

Top Solar Courses from GATE Trust

PV Solar Top Training Courses

  1. floating solar plant design training course
  2. floating solar power plant training course
  3. floating solar power plant design and implementation
  4. solar panel assembly course
  5. solar module manufacturing process pdf
  6. solar panel manufacturing process project report pdf
  7. solar panel manufacturing process steps
  8. solar panel manufacturing process flow chart
  9. lithium battery pack assembly process
  10. lithium ion battery pack assembly line
  11. lithium ion battery pack manufacturing process
  12. solar storage lithium battery assembly
  13. lithium ion battery pack assembly training course
  14. pv solar course port louis mauritius
  15. rooftop solar training mahebourg mauritius
  16. solar panel installation training quatre bornes mauritius
  17. pv solar technician course martindale mauritius
  18. offgrid solar training at goodlands mauritius
  19. rooftop off grid solar training at abuja nigeria
  20. lagos nigeria solar training institute
  21. solar training near kano nigeria
  22. pv solar business course near ibadan nigeria
  23. pv solar training courses benin city nigeria
  24. lokoja nigeria solar installer
  25. solar panel installer training at enugu nigeria
  26. best solar training institute in maiduguri nigeria
  27. solar powerplant design course harare zimbabwe
  28. solar engineering courses abu dhabi uae
  29. solar power plant design course dubai uniter arab
  30. pv solar system engineering course sharjah united arab
  31. pv solar technician courses muscat oman
  32. solar training riyadh saudi
  33. solar power training institute bogota colombia
  34. rooftop solar power plant design course medellin colombia
  35. MW solar power plant course barranquilla colombia
  36. off grid and on grid solar engineering course cali colombia
  37. rooftop solar course cape town south africa
  38. solar off grid design course port elizabeth south africa
  39. solar power plant installation training bloemfontein south africa
  40. durban south africa solar training institute
  41. solar training johannesburg south africa
  42. solar training
  43. solar training courses
  44. solar energy courses in india
  45. certificate course in renewable energy in india
  46. renewable energy training courses in india
  47. solar job training
  48. solar energy job training
  49. solar energy career opportunities
  50. solar energy jobs salary in india
  51. solar panel installation jobs
  52. solar energy jobs near me
  53. institute of solar energy
  54. online & offline technical training in solar energy
  55. solar energy technician course thiruvananthapuram kerala
  56. solar energy technician course nagercoil tamil nadu
  57. solar energy technician course kanyakumari tamil nadu
  58. solar energy course koodankulam tamil nadu
  59. solar energy course radhapuram tamil nadu
  60. solar energy professional training near thoppuvilai tamil nadu
  61. pv solar startups course near thisayanvilai tamil nadu
  62. pv solar rooftop training at kadakulam tamil nadu
  63. rooftop solar design course at kottankadu tamil nadu
  64. pv solar training course for startups near tiruchirappalli tamil nadu
  65. solar training near puducherry tamil nadu
  66. chennai tamil nadu solar training best institute
  67. pv solar business course near salem tamil nadu
  68. MW solar power plant course coimbatore tamil nadu
  69. best solar training institute near vellore tamil nadu
  70. kollam kerala best solar training provider
  71. adoor kerala solar training institute
  72. hands on practical solar training near kadapra kerala
  73. practical solar training near kottayam kerala
  74. practical classroom training on PV solar at kochi kerala
  75. IST solar training near thrissur kerala
  76. PV solar panel manufacturing course near palakkad kerala
  77. solar panel manufacturing course near ottapalam kerala
  78. solar panel assembly course near bangalore karnataka
  79. solar panel assembly course near mangalore karnataka
  80. solar panel assembly course near madurai tamil nadu
  81. solar battery assembly course near vijayapura karnataka
  82. lithium ion solar battery assembly course near koppal karnataka
  83. rooftop solar business course near chitradurga karnataka
  84. PV solar startups course near tumakuru karnataka
  85. pv solar course near kolhapur maharashtra
  86. solar power plant training course near satara maharashtra
  87. pv solar business training course near barshi maharashtra
  88. solar training course near udgir maharashtra
  89. solar startup business course at nanded maharashtra
  90. aurangabad maharashtra solar training
  91. PV solar professional training pune maharashtra
  92. indian solar business course at mumbai maharashtra
  93. indian solar institute at mumbai maharashtra
  94. indian solar institute at nashik maharashtra
  95. indian solar energy institute at navi mumbai maharashtra
  96. institute solar energy at nashik maharashtra
  97. short term solar course near amravati maharashtra
  98. short term solar training near chandrapur maharashtra
  99. solar training courses institute near jagdalpur chhattisgarh
  100. practical solar training near raipur chhattisgarh
  101. bilaspur chhattisgarh solar training institute
  102. pv solar hands on practical training near bhubaneswar odisha
  103. pv solar engineers training institute near cuttack odisha
  104. balasore odisha solar job training
  105. pv solar industry leading technical training
  106. international competency standards and accreditation solar course
  107. online solar installer training
  108. solar training module
  109. solar technician course
  110. solar roof installation training
  111. solar pv system design training india
  112. pv installation training
  113. solar energy course
  114. solar project management courses
  115. solar plant training
  116. solar power plant training course
  117. solar power plant design course
  118. solar training advanced pv
  119. online solar training advanced
  120. battery based online solar training
  121. solar business technical sales
  122. training solar electric design
  123. advanced pv design nec
  124. training advanced pv stand alone
  125. solar training pv fundamentals
  126. sessions technical advantage course
  127. live interactive sessions technical
  128. professional advantage course grid
  129. connected pv systems design
  130. training engineering consulting publications
  131. course grid connected pv
  132. advantage course grid connected solar
  133. mumbai institute solar training
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  135. solar training mumbai institute
  136. training mumbai institute solar
  137. solar workshop module practicals
  138. practical training government certified
  139. training india solar class
  140. training india certified solar
  141. india certified solar engineer
  142. energy research management institute
  143. research management institute
  144. trainer national certification programme
  145. certification programme rooftop solar
  146. rooftop solar photovoltaic installer
  147. training solar pv installer
  148. programme rooftop solar photovoltaic
  149. installer trainer national certification
  150. consultancy solar resource assessment
  151. skill development consultancy solar
  152. departments solar photovoltaic
  153. division pv module
  154. solar resource assessment
  155. 3 months solar course on design and erection
  156. solar energy online course on ist
  157. solar courses on photovoltaic power generation
  158. solar complete course book pdf
  159. solar photovoltaic system design and installation
  160. certificate course in solar power installation operation
  161. training in solar installation
  162. solar panel installation technician
  163. solar panel installer solar PV training
  164. how to become a solar panel installer
  165. solar photovoltaic qualification course
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  167. solar panel installation license in india
  168. national certification programme for rooftop solar
  169. how to start solar energy business in india
  170. mnre solar subsidy scheme 2020 21
  171. solar subsidy scheme 2020 21
  172. how much solar subsidy for residential households
  173. kusum scheme
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  185. solar training for solar electric design and installation
  186. megawatt solar power plant design
  187. solar pv system design training pdf
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  212. what are some required education for jobs for solar energy
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  215. solar power engineer
  216. how to start career in solar energy in india
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  218. msme solar training program
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  220. msme solar training
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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Foundation layout practical class-MES

Monday, 6 July 2020

Solar Energy Vocational Training for engineering students

Vocational Training for Engineering Students: 

What, Where, and Why

Whether you are a recent graduate still deciding on what career path to follow or you have been working for a number of years but want to do something different, vocational training for engineering students may be what you are looking for.

This is an area that will suit someone who wants to go into a field that pays well.

Artisans in engineering trades are well paid for the simple reason that they possess a scarce skill.

Before you chose a vocational school, you will need to ask yourself why this is a good option for you.

This kind of school is right for someone who would rather study for a qualification that focuses more on practical subjects rather than theory, like Institute of Solar Technology.

Vocational schools work with the market so that the subjects they teach align to the needs of the industry.

This is the reason why many students leaving a vocational school do not usually have a problem finding jobs.

Students graduating from these colleges are more likely to transit faster through the workplace.

They are also more likely to get a permanent job when compared to students graduating with academic degrees.

IST also offer a degree transfer program PGP Renewable Energy Project Finance

When you eventually do a degree, you benefit from both a practical and theoretic education.



A good vocational college will have an office that helps students to find work in the industry.

When considering a college, ask about the percentage of graduates who get placed in jobs.

You can also do your own research with graduates from the school who are already in the workplace to find out if the school assisted them with job placement.


Good colleges do not only offer training, they also have other extra services.

Ask if the college has a student advisory office offering career guidance.

Are there any counselling services for students struggling due to personal issues?

Saturday, 27 June 2020

GATE Trust and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Collaborate

Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Collaborate to Offer RE Project Finance and EV Powertrain Course

Kolkata, India, June 26, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust (GATE Trust) is an academic institute and its unit Institute of Solar Technology (IST) and Academy of EV Technology (AEVT); India top Entrepreneurship Development Institute.

Institute of Solar Technology (IST) is a well-known solar training institute in India and worldwide. They have trained engineers and startups in PAN India, UK, Oman, Zimbabwe, Cambodia and other countries. Many of them completed MW Solar Power plant projects also.

Renewable Energy Project Finance program intends to make an exceptional professional in renewable energy project to pursue a career at mid or senior finance management level in Renewable Energy sector. It covers every key concept, India and International best practices and along with key financial management skills needed.

With the demand rising exponentially, a significant skill gap is also observed in the industry. Companies are finding it difficult to find the right talent for positions like Analyst, Project Finance, Renewable Energy Finance Project Manager and other similar roles.

Electric vehicles is another emerging field. Electric Vehicle Power-train program intends to make an exceptional professional Ev EVSE development in the Electric Vehicle sector.

To address this skill gap, GATE Trust and UPES in India have come together as academic partners to bring quality education and industry exposure to students and working professionals interested in tapping the emerging opportunities in this sector.

On this collaboration Ashok Sahu, Head – Center for Continuing Education, UPES said, “UPES envisions itself as an institution of global standing, which fosters development of professionally competent talent and contributes to nation-building. Continuing this movement forward, UPES had become an academic partner of GATE Trust for its programs in Renewable energy and Electric vehicles.”

Sanjib Roy, Chairman, GATE Trust said, “GATE Trust and UPES’s collaboration will help the students and people with experience equally to get a complete perspective on Renewable Energy and EV development and its implementation in Industry. We are confident of its success.”

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) Scheme

The Digital Saksharta Abhiyan (DISHA) or National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) Scheme has been formulated to impart IT training to 52.5 lakh persons, including Anganwadi and ASHA workers and authorised ration dealers in all the States/UTs across the country so that the non-IT literate citizens are trained to become IT literate so as to enable them to actively and effectively participate in the democratic and developmental process and also enhance their livelihood.

Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust is a training center (Center ID: HOULRA14120) under Training Partner - KERALA STATE ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED.

Our Branch at Nadia District - Academy of Youth Education - Chapra (Center ID: NACHCH55844) under Training Partner - KERALA STATE ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED.

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